Proposed Trade Data Retention Policy

We have reviewed the data held in the trade database across all bureaus and we propose the below policy for dealing with records which are no longer required or do not enable you to be GDPR compliant.

We propose in the future:

  • To pend any records which are not published to any website and have not had any activity for 24 months.
  • To delete all records which have been pending for over 6 months and not had any activity.
  • To allow you to flag contact only records which you use and may not have a property or venue attached.  This flag is already in place as an additional role ('Contact Only') in Manage Trade Data.
  • To pend any records which do not have the contact only flag, have not be updated in 18 months and do not have a property or venue attached.
  • To ensure that records can no longer be added to the Guestlink database without an email address (so that we can contact businesses to inform them that they are in the Guestlink database and where they are published).

What we will do once this proposal has been agreed:

  • Apply the rules above for pending properties and venues and pend any contacts where all attached properties/venues are pended.
  • For non-pended contacts with no email address, copy any email address from the property or principal item to the contact.
  • Add a 'Contact only' flag to all contacts which are not pending, have no properties or venues attached but have an email and have been created or updated in the last 18 months.
  • Apply the rules above to all records.

What this means to data stewards:

  • When adding a new contact, you will need to add an email address.
  • If you use contacts which don't have a property or venue or have all pended properties and venues then make sure you tick the 'Contact Only' role.
  • If you use the 'Contact Only' role it is your responsibility to remove this role and pend the record when you no longer have a use for this contact.
  • Be aware that if you pend a record then it will be deleted after 6 months.  If a property is temporarily closed, it is better to unpublish them, rather than pend them.
  • We will send you a list of records that we will be pending or deleting in our initial clear up in May so you can review and check that we are not pending or deleting any data you require.  When we send you this email, we will explain how to make sure that nothing gets deleted that you want to keep.

If you have any comments or concerns regarding the above proposal please contact

We have also created a page to explain your responsibilities as a datasteward/website owner when contacting the trade as outlined in the March webinar. Please visit