Privacy Policy Updates

We have updated the Privacy Policy supplied by NVG to include all details required by GDPR (please see

This change required you to check and add further details held for your organisation in Destination Centre. We have added a link to the Privacy Policy on CRM forms.

Below you will find informtion on the updates and if you are not using an NVG Privacy Policy you will need to consider the changes required.

These updates were completed on 5 February 2018 when the Privacy Policy update went live.

Updates required in

As part of the update to the Privacy Policy you will need to check and add some additional details to publishing > publication configuration > configure publication. The updates required were:

  • ensuring that if you are using the NVG Default Privacy Policy you have tick this in the settings
  • Enter the name of your organisation as the Data Controller Organisation
  • Enter the contact details for your organisation into Data Controller Contact

The details are automatically listed in the relevant part of the Privacy Policy. When you have made the update you can use the Preview button to review and check your Privacy Policy.

If you are not using the NVG default Privacy Policy you will need to:

  • ensure NVG Default Privacy Policy is not ticked
  • enter the link to your Privacy Policy



Privacy Policy Updates



Privacy Policy Updates

Position of Privacy Policy

GDPR requires that the Privacy Policy must be located near to the Data Protection Questions on websites when agreeing to communication.

We have added a link automatically which can be found on CRM forms. If you are not using the Default NVG Privacy Policy then the link you have provided in publishing > publication configuration > configure publication is used.