eMarketing Updates

NVG eMarketing system has been updated in line with the GDPR webinar presented in December. Please see below summary of changes.

a) Data protection levels are no longer supported

  • The eMarketing database is assumed to belong to one organisation so that all emails sent from the database will come from that organisation (even if the content refers to other organisations).
  • You can no longer search on data protection level in manage marketing database but there is a new search on data protection question/answer.
  • Group by data protection now groups by data protection question/answer.
  • When setting up a source, using configure marketing database sources, there is no option for setting communication types according to data protection level.

b) Storage of Data protection consent

  • Data protection question and answer is stored and displayed against each record. Last update is regarded as when consent was received.
  • Data protection question and answer is updated when a record is imported automatically from the operational database.
  • Data protection question and answer may be edited in manage marketing database.
  • Data protection question and answer is required when data is imported using load external data.
  • Data protection question, answer and last update may be updated using update from external data.

c) Entries with no data protection question and response will no longer be stored

  • A visitor who has not given consent, will in future not be stored in the marketing database. We have backloaded all data protection question and answers that we have. In May 2018, we will delete all entries in the marketing database that do not have a data protection question and answer.
  • If a visitor is updated in manage online enquiries to no longer accepts mailing, the associated record in the marketing database (if any) is being deleted.
  • The update of records in the marketing database from the operational database will be automatic in all cases.

d) Changes to unsubscribe

The unsubscribe page has been made clearer and if a visitor unsubscribes (as opposed to changing their subscription), they are deleted from the emarketing database (see below example).

e) Removing records that are not used

In May 2018, we will be deleting records which have been in the database for at least 24 months and have not been updated or had marketing activity. Thereafter, records that are not updated or marketed to for 24 months will be automatically deleted.

New Unsubscribe Page

eMarketing Updates