Setting up Data Protection Questions

As part of the changes required for GDPR we have created a new tool for you to setup Data Protections questions in marketing > customer profiling > configure CRM data protection. Please see below instructions on how to setup up the new Data Protection Questions for use on CRM forms.

Please note did not setup any new questions the default has been used from 5 February 2018.



New Data Protection Tool

The new tool enables you to setup a question to be used for Data Protection. You can use different question on different pages by adding a new question and entering a name to match the Profile Page Name in the CRM form setup. Use the Page Name of Booking for the booking form or eShop order form.

The Default question will be used wherever no specific page name is set.

Please ensure that your new questions are GDPR compliant (e.g. you need to be specific if you want to include other organisations).

You will then need to tick an Answer if it agrees to contact from your own organisation, as this will permit it to load into your own eMarketing database.